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Nowhere else ever compares!
Very best facilities by far! Everything at Addiction Recovery Center MI is so amazing - from the house to the treatment facility - that I couldn’t imagine I was in rehab. Nowhere else ever compares!
, Michigan Apr 17, 2013

Compassionate staff that truly saved my life!
The very best rehab program! I believed I was in rehab against my will, so once I arrived at Addiction Recovery Center MI I wouldn’t open up and speak in group or one-on-one therapy. I never believed that anybody could understand me or my problems, and I didn’t think that treatment could actually work for me anyway. Listening to my housemates and other people in group, I started to appreciate that we had experienced the same problems. Once I started to open up and talk, I could feel that I was getting stronger and healthier. Without Addiction Recovery Center MI, I truly don’t believe that I would be alive right now, and it was their concerned, compassionate staff that truly saved my life!
, Michigan Jul 19, 2013

I need to stay clean and sober, and healthy.
Highly recommended! I knew that once I had pushed away and hurt everybody that I loved, that I had hit an all-time low and was as unhappy and pathetic as I felt. Every single rehabilitation program that I tried resulted in failure. Addiction Recovery Center MI gave me hope again, helped me understand my drug abuse, and taught me the best way to identify and avoid my triggers. I would almost certainly still be living on the streets, alone, and miserable without the help of Addiction Recovery Center MI. Instead, I've got my loved ones back again, I've got an excellent job, and the encouragement I need to stay clean and sober, and healthy.
, Michigan Oct 14, 2011

I wanted to get assistance immediately.
Wonderful service! I wanted to get assistance immediately, and Addiction Recovery Center MI was prepared and waiting for me just as soon as I called them. There isn't any reason to wait!
, Michigan Dec 16, 2011

Gave me my life Back!
Gave me my life! I cannot thank Addiction Recovery Center MI enough! Thanks to them, I've got my life back, I'm able to reconnect with my loved ones, and I've got an excellent job to support my loved ones. I highly recommend their detox and treatment services if you wish to change!
, Michigan Nov 27, 2013

Addiction Recovery Center MI is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.